Security is our priority. This is why we apply blockchain security to data storage while preserving the performance and ease of use of conventional databases.
Immutable transaction (changes) log
Protected by state-of-the-art cryptography
Fast (up to 10,000 transactions per second)
Allows for private permissioned-based networks
The choice of data transfer is highly dependable on the intended use case. A wide range of market-ready mediums are available for deployment from SonoCoin's technology stack.
Audible / inaudible sound
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connections
File transfers
QR codes
API Calls
SonoCoin is built for mainstream adoption
Smart Contracts
SonoCoin Smart contracts execution is based on a WASM virtual machine. At the moment SonoCoin supports the Rust programming language with additional languages to be added in the near future. We always put an emphasis on user experience when providing tools for our community of developers. This is why we have committed to releasing an in-browser online integrated development environment and a set of templated smart contracts, which can be used as-is (with a selection or predefined parameters) or finely tuned to serve specific goals of the administrator. Our online integrated development platform (IDE) is currently in a public beta stage undergoing testing.
Token Launchpad
SonoCoin is rolling-out 1-click tokenization planned to go live Q2 2021. The token launchpad will be featured in the SonoWallet app. Since the release of SonoCoin 2.0 in August 2020, smart contracts have made it possible to create tokens of any level of complexity in our developer tool kit. We look to go one-step further in opening our doors to low-cost, effortless solutions for non-technical individuals. The SonoWallet is already live and provides support not only for coins but also for tokens based on corresponding blockchains. We hope to lower the barriers of entry for small communities seeking ways to tokenize their relationships, brands, and loyalty programs.
SonoCoin simplifies blockchain-based transactions enabling anyone to use common methods of delivery such as messengers, social media networks, emails, etc.
How it works
Choose the transmission method
Set an amount of SonoCoins you want to send
SonoCoin audio files incorporate encrypted payment details that can be recognized by any device having a microphone.
SonoCoin .WAV files can be sent directly from the application via any online platform, including email, social media networks and instant messaging.
Messaging platforms
Audio signal
Recipient catches your audio signal or opens a .WAV file with the SonoWallet app. In both cases, SonoCoins can be sent even if both parties are offline. The settlement of the transaction happens when any party connects to the Internet.
All SonoCoin wallets have an address so it's also possible to make an ordinary transfer.
Solutions with SonoCoin
Advertising Industry
SonoCoin looks to revolutionize the advertising industry by introducing the ultrasonic frequency transfer of coins through ads. Once a coin is collected, a customer will have the ability to exchange the SonoCoin for discounts on goods and services.
Challenge: Brands see event sponsorship as a way to increase visibility and strengthen customer relationships, The challenge derives from the difficulty of directly engaging with the customer and accurately measuring the success of the campaign.

SonoCoin solution: Using the SonoCoin application, brands will have the possibility to incentivize customers to purchase their products during the event at a discount, by using the coins distributed to the audience via audio transmissions.

Example: A sponsor broadcasts 1,000 coins to the audience at a football stadium to be used towards the discounted purchase of beer at near-by stand.
    Gaming Industry
    According to a report released by SuperDataReseach, consumers spent about $41 billion on the mobile gaming market in 2016, with Pokémon GO and Clash Royale being the most popular. It is estimated that there are approximately 2.6 billion monthly users across all mobile games.
    Corporate Use Cases
    A recent study by Bond Brand Loyalty states that 53% of Americans participate in loyalty programs with a reported 38% satisfaction rate. The same report found Loyalty membership growth slowed from 26% achieved in 2016 to 15% the following year. Industry experts blame frustrating registration processes, poor distribution methods and low perception value for deteriorating customer engagement. Providing customers corporate cryptocurrencies would bypass much of the registration process, facilitate distribution, increase mobility and prevent fraud. SonoCoin looks to enable corporations the ability to modify coins for specific spending purposes. This would essentially ensure the coins are identifiable and prevent them from being spent on unrelated products and services.
    Digital Copyrights Management
    Illegal file-sharing still remains a major problem for media companies, while the blockchain has the potential to solve that problem. With a blockchain, content owners have full control and visibility of the consumption and number of uses of individual songs and/or movies. Therefore piracy and copyright infringements are nearly impossible. There are several intermediaries between the content creator and the potential advertiser. The slice of the monetization cake for the initial creator of digital content becomes smaller with every additional party involved.