Security is our priority. This is why we apply blockchain security to data storage while preserving the performance and ease of use of conventional databases. In addition, SonoCoin is migrating its native network over to IBM's Hyperledger Fabric framework with the mission of providing industry-leading security standards.
Immutable transaction (changes) log
Protected by state-of-the-art cryptography
Fast (up to 10,000 transactions per second)
Allows for private permissioned-based networks
The choice of data transfer is highly dependable on the intended use case. A wide range of market-ready mediums are available for deployment from SonoCoin's technology stack.
Audible / inaudible sound
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connections
File transfers
QR codes
API Calls
SonoCoin offers enterprise clients a conventional PaaS model. Your company has the freedom to pick and choose from a list of tool-sets and functionalities. In other words, the engine is already complete and it's up to you to select the desired add-ons and options.
Go one-step further by hiring our experts to build a custom tailored application from scratch to meet the needs of your business. Make it your own, or deploy one of our market-ready white-labeled products we offer from the box: ranging from user engagement systems to loyalty program management systems and mobile wallets.
Know how to elevate your business? Request a quote.
SonoCoin looks to revolutionize the advertising industry by introducing the ultrasonic frequency transfer of coins through ads. Once a coin is collected, a customer will have the ability to exchange the SonoCoin for discounts on goods and services.
Challenge: Brands see event sponsorship as a way to increase visibility and strengthen customer relationships, The challenge derives from the difficulty of directly engaging with the customer and accurately measuring the success of the campaign.

SonoCoin solution: Using the SonoCoin application, brands will have the possibility to incentivize customers to purchase their products during the event at a discount, by using the coins distributed to the audience via audio transmissions.

Example: A sponsor broadcasts 1,000 coins to the audience at a football stadium to be used towards the discounted purchase of beer at near-by stand.
    Challenge: Tailored television advertisements have grown in popularity as mass marketing becomes increasingly irrelevant. Engaging your audience through enhanced layer of personalization will be used to better connect to viewers.

    SonoCoin solution: The inaudible transmission of SonoCoins to viewers would offer rebates on displayed products with additional information incorporated within the coins such as links, text, promotional discounts for your next purchase, etc.

    Example: An online marketplace offers customers rebates on inflatable hot tubs by embedding coins within their advertisement and driving traffic to the product via the link received in the SonoCoin file.
      Challenge: Online radio streaming is on the rise, with 52% usage from all American adults and +10% YoY growth among Millennials. As competition intensifies, loyalty to stations is often rewarded through engaging listeners in prize contests. This has proven to be costly and time consuming to organize with many listeners not interested in participating.

      SonoCoin solution: SonoCoins broadcasting capabilities can simplify this process and gain more retention. This could be done by periodically distributing coins among listeners for engaging in activities, or by rewarding listeners for their presence.

      Example: A radio station distributes 5 SonoCoin to each listener every hour to increase retention.
      According to a report released by SuperDataReseach, consumers spent about $41 billion on the mobile gaming market in 2016, with Pokémon GO and Clash Royale being the most popular. It is estimated that there are approximately 2.6 billion monthly users across all mobile games.
      Challenge: As online gaming grows exponentially, it creates a global need for payments standardization. Most games have created their own "currency", for instance the gold coin in World of Warcraft. The use of FIAT currencies is fundamentally inefficient, given that games incorporate currency conversion fees.

      SonoCoin solution: SonoCoin aims to be adopted by gaming communities as the primary digital currency, based on its versatile and audio characteristics. The universal acceptance of one currency across all gaming platforms and online shops would eliminate the need for secondary conversions into FIAT currencies. For instance, users would no longer need to convert in-game credits into USD to make a purchase from a gaming platform. In-app purchases would no longer require personal information and credit card details, thus removing related risks of fraud. Furthermore, SonoCoin would provide the anonymity and convenience needed for community based online transactions. Catering to this need could incentivize loyalty to games through the monetization of game-related milestones.
        Challenge: Trust is an issue in society and where money is involved. Trust, or lack thereof, is often grounds for anxiety for bother parties involved. In today's world very few transactions take place absent of middleman who provide this critical element of trust. However, these groups of middlemen having been collecting billions of dollars yearly in the form of a fees for performing their service. Blockchain-based solutions for gaming are expected to grow from $411 million in value from 2017 to an astonishing $7.68 billion by 2022.

        SonoCoin solution: SonoCoin is introducing a new betting system to the gaming industry whereby the process is fixed and optimized to eliminate the need for a neutral third party to be involved. The third party is replaced with a detailed set of very specific criteria in a smart contract, that is made directly between the two players involved in the bet. This approach enables the community to create and define its own markets, adding a new social dimension to the betting process. The smart contract will be set up, and it will specify who wins so that winnings are released correctly when the result is announced.
          Challenge: If accessibility is the greatest strength of esports, its biggest weakness is its disorganization in comparison to the NFL, NBA and MLB with predefined game schedules and playoffs. Esports, however, is managed by a multitude of organizations including game publishers and media companies. Esports is the Wild West with a "fractured landscape and lack of cohesive calendar," the Leaders report stated. "For the outsider, it is almost impenetrable to decipher what and when the biggest events are and how they fit into a wider narrative." As a result, advertisers looking to penetrate this niche market are reluctant on where and how to build presence.

          SonoCoin solution: As brands look to gaming competitions for exposure, understanding the advertising landscape can be challenging. The Director of Global eSports Sponsorships at Twitch highlighted this point by saying, "What gamers care about is altruism, and they want to see brands doing something that benefits the space, not just the brand." SonoCoin's ability to connect brands to audiences online or in large stadiums via sound frequencies enables advertisers to incorporate collectable valuables within the message. An example could be in-game currencies and/or unlockable milestones that can be verified on the blockchain.
          A recent study by Bond Brand Loyalty states that 53% of Americans participate in loyalty programs with a reported 38% satisfaction rate. The same report found Loyalty membership growth slowed from 26% achieved in 2016 to 15% the following year. Industry experts blame frustrating registration processes, poor distribution methods and low perception value for deteriorating customer engagement. Providing customers corporate cryptocurrencies would bypass much of the registration process, facilitate distribution, increase mobility and prevent fraud. SonoCoin looks to enable corporations the ability to modify coins for specific spending purposes. This would essentially ensure the coins are identifiable and prevent them from being spent on unrelated products and services.
          Challenge: According to a Colloquy Loyalty survey, loyalty program growth has declined 11% since 2016 with more than half of loyalty members remaining inactive and 30% of which abandoning programs without redeeming miles or points. Costs for running such programs are high, estimated at $35 billion a year for third-party processors such as First Data Corp, who service prepaid and private-label credit cards tied to corporate loyalty points.

          SonoCoin solution: According to Richard Crone, CEO of payment consultant Crone Consulting LLC, Blockchain could cut up to 80% fees of for corporate loyalty programs. SonoCoins versatile characteristics represent an ideal solution for the distribution of coins to be used as loyalty points. SonoCoins coloured coin feature would allow corporations to essentially white-label the coins to be redeemable for its desired purposes.

          Example: Loyal airline customers are rewarded in SonoCoins for choosing their company. The coins are provided for download from the customer account. The airline compnay has significantly cut loyalty program operating costs by no longer relying on 3rd party services.
            GIFT CARDS
            Challenge: The Gift card industry has been steadily growing at 5% YoY since 2011 to become an industry worth $307 billion. Recent growth has been faced with crippling challenges such as double-spending, fraud and damages amounting for $1 billion in 2017 according to a Market Watch article.

            SonoCoin solution: As the industry grows, corporations are looking to blockchain for security, ease-of-use and efficiency. SonoCoin's coloured coins provide corporate currencies the versatile characteristics of being highly-transferrable, without the need of traditional cards and inherently prevents double- spending and fraud. These coins would be slightly altered to be used against specific products and services provided by the company supplying the coins.

            Example: Alex purchases 30 modified SonoCoins offered by an online media shop to used specifically towards related products and services. The coins are transmitted via audio to Alex's application. Alex gifts his younger brother the SonoCoins for his birthday by sending him the coins via messenger.
              CREDIT CARDS
              Challenge: Rising credit card merchant fees mean higher prices for everyone. The fees are broken down into two parts; the first is the interchange fee set by credit card network which is the percentage of a sale the issuing bank charges to handle the transaction. The second is a fee the card networks Visa and Mastercard charge for each transaction. As of February 2019, the average processing fee for merchants was 2.5%. This amounts to $25 million in fees for $1 billion in sales.

              Solution: SonoCoin looks to offer merchants an alternative method of payment based on blockchain technology to reduce processing fees. A blockchain mobile credit card would be white-labelled to a company for them to be issued to clients. This would include a fully customizable wallet and tokens to be implemented within a company's existing mobile application. Each customer would be allocated X number of tokens at the beginning of a month as credits for an equal amount in local currency (1 to 1). These tokens are to be spent in exchange for goods and services within the company's offerings. Each transaction is executed via QR codes and recorded on the blockchain. Customers are billed at the end of the month and any failure to so will result in charging the customer's credit card as agreed up in a legal contract. This would significantly reduce the costs for companies and increase brand loyalty with select group of customers. The company's network costs are recovered when the company becomes a 'validator' within SonoCoin's consensus.
              Illegal file-sharing still remains a major problem for media companies, while the blockchain has the potential to solve that problem. With a blockchain, content owners have full control and visibility of the consumption and number of uses of individual songs and/or movies. Therefore piracy and copyright infringements are nearly impossible. There are several intermediaries between the content creator and the potential advertiser. The slice of the monetization cake for the initial creator of digital content becomes smaller with every additional party involved.
              Challenge: Illegal file-sharing still remains a major problem for media companies and is the cause for $31.8 billion in revenue lost for the TV shows and movie industries combined. Lack of copyright protection affects not only the reputation and earnings of the content industry but also disincentivizes the creation of new content.

              SonoCoin solution: SonoCoin is developing state of the art digital media copyrights management tools by digitally fingerprinting files using unique sound frequencies. Each file can be individually identified by these unique frequencies embedded within a media file. The 'SonoCoin Player' is used to first authenticate and then view or play the media file. When authenticating the file, the player identifies and executes a transaction by connecting to the SonoCoin blockchain. Ultimately, this method allows content owners can fully leverage, control, and monetize all copyright assets that are recorded in the blockchain. illegal file sharing and other copyright infringements will be impossible due to the transparency of the blockchain details through collection associations as trusted third parties.
                PROPERTY RECORDS
                Challenge: Keeping track of who owns what pieces of land is still a low-tech affair, involving mountains of hand-signed documents, envelopes, and couriers. That is if a country is lucky enough to have a functioning land registry—the World Bank estimates that 70% of the world's population lacks access to land titling. Getting everyone to agree on every stage of a property transaction, and to record it permanently somewhere, is a feat of security, coordination, and trust.

                SonoCoin solution: The SonoCoin blockchain solution is a digital registry that can't be tampered with. It provides a mechanism for various parties to agree on a set of facts. It prevents those parties from making false statements since everyone else can check the facts; it also prevents statements from being changed after they've been recorded, since all parties are alerted to these changes. The system operates on a permissioned blockchain, allowing the land authority and others, like the banks, holding copies of the records to take part. When a land title changes hands, each step of the process is verified and recorded on the blockchain. The system acts as a highly secure and transparent verification and storage service for property transactions.
                  SOLUTIONS FOR YOU
                  SonoCoin's blockchain as well as our audio encoding technology are customizable and can be configured to specific needs. Also, all necessary interfaces (app, website) can be also developed by us.
                    YOUR OWN COIN
                    On the basis of SonoCoin, we can issue your own coin. It can be a coupon, ticket or anything you wish. People will be able to share with your coin by sound just like with SonoCoins.
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                      Geneva, Switzerland; New York, USA, June 25, 2020 - SonoCoin is pleased to announce its intent to form a commercial partnership with Digital Planet Studio, a production studio company focused on animation production, virtual production, and motion/performance capture. The company is led by 25+ year veteran Producer, Irfan Merchant.

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