The SonoCoin Mission
We envision a blockchain where ideas and creativity are the only requirements to build dApps on our platform - safely secured by trusted validators globally.
Who's building on SonoCoin?
Who are we?
SonoCoin is a Swiss venture partnering with best in-class entities to foster the development of useful applications to run on it.
Developed by a decentralized team of contributors from all over the world. We have spent the last 4+ years improving the network and are committed to reshaping the blockchain space for the next-generation of adoption.
About Us
SonoCoin is a multidisciplinary blockchain company. We create, design and produce tailored-made data-over-sound solutions for businesses. We specialise in providing unique tools for customer engagement, loyalty reward programs and advertising use cases.
Tim Notfoolen
Founder and CEO
Leon Afanasyev
Brian J.Esposito
Chief Strategy Officer
Erenik Yzeiraj
Head of Corporate and Investor Relations
Chief Technology Officer
Graduated math specialist. 10+ years experience in software development and product launches
Former investment Advisor at Morgan Stanley.
Founder and CEO of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises Inc. 20 years in developing incredible global connections.
M&A/Corporate Finance specialist
Contact Us
Our dedicated support team is ready to help you with any questions.